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This Sunday in Church: All Saints’ Sunday

November 4, 2010

This is one of the seven Principal Feast Days of the Church year and we will be celebrating and honoring it in grand fashion at both our 8am and 10am liturgies this Sunday, with Holy Baptism being celebrated at 10am!  You will not want to miss it!

The Old Testament Scriptures
Daniel 7: 1 – 3, 15 – 18 –  in which the young prophet Daniel sees a terrifying vision of four great beasts arising out of the earth.

Psalm 149 –  in which the Psalmist instructs the people to praise the Lord in whatever way they know how, and how the Lord will lift up the lowly and put down the mighty.


The New Testament Scriptures

Ephesians 1: 11 – 23 –  In which St. Paul writes that through Christ we have obtained an eternal inheritance of redemption and that through Christ’s resurrection He has been enthroned above all powers and dominions and all things have been put under his feet.


Luke 6: 20 – 31 –  in which the evangelist writes his version of the Beatitudes, including the Woes.


Special Music

Organ Prelude and Postlude –  “Nimrod” from Enigma Variations and “Military March No. 1 in D Major” by Edward Elgar.

Lou Carol’s Organ Notes – Today’s prelude by the British composer Elgar (1857-1934) comes from the “Enigma Variations.”  The rich chords pull us slowly through the sequential falling melody that begins even higher with each phrase.


Special Mass Setting – In honor of All Saints’ Sunday, our wonderful choir has prepared a special setting of the Mass for us: Adrian Batten’s Short Communion Service. Batten was an English organ scholar and Anglican church music composer working in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.  The Short Communion Service comprises the Kyrie, the Gloria, the Sanctus, the Benedictus, and the Agnus Dei.


Offertory Anthem –  “In Remembrance” by Jeffrey L. Ames, featuring parishioner Andrew Pasquier on the French Horn.


Communion Anthem –  “Sing Me to Heaven” by Jane Griner and Daniel Gawthrop.

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