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Blogging the SCP Conference 2010: Day 2

November 12, 2010

The immediate thing which you cannot see from this picture exactly is that a goodly number of these clergy are wearing cassocks, and very fancy cassocks at that.  The second day of the Society of Catholic Priests annual conference kicked off in grand fashion.  There was a presentation on urban ministry that was fairly lackluster, but the real part that many of us were waiting for was the Solemn High Mass.  It was beautiful, edifying, spiritually significant and authentic, as well a being an important contemporary witness to anglo-catholic tradition.  It was also hazy with incense.

The colleagues who are here continue to impress me. Their welcoming sense of hospitality is incredible; their sense of spirituality and piety is inspiring.  Unfortunately, both presentations today lacked the depth that I had been hoping and longing for.  One was on urban anglo-catholic witness of presence, and the other was theoretically on the spiritual discipline of being a parish priest, but was in actuality a reading (Verbatim) of an article on pastoral presence from the Christian Century.  It was a very good article, but I so dislike being read to at these sorts of events.  Where it is at, for me, is in the fellowship that I have been experiencing.  It is awesome!  These men and women are inspiring priests to be around, let me tell you!  I have gotten to know a number of good folk and rekindled some amazing friendships.  It is a good place for me to be this week.  Below you’ll find some other photos from today’s events and services.  I hope you enjoy them and there is more to come tomorrow!  I miss being around and with you at the same time that I am enjoying tremendously this conference!

My former parish colleague and friend.

The solemn lunch - many in cassock and biretta.

The church, before choral compline tonight.

Fr. Ryan+

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  1. November 12, 2010 1:59 am

    Send my regards to David (and other mutual friends), Ryan. Christ Church was the first parish I served as a priest, and I’ve been back a few times to preach, to visit, and to fill in when David’s on holiday.

  2. November 12, 2010 12:33 pm

    Dear AKMA,

    I passed along your regards to David and he and I both lamented the fact that you could not be here at this conference! Hopefully sometime in the future. Christ Church is a beautiful worship space and I am grateful for the time this week to be here.


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