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Video: The Dream Isaiah Saw

December 21, 2010

From our Lessons and Carols Service, here is the video of “The Dream Isaiah Saw.”

I read the following in some notes about this piece from another website:

“It was commissioned by the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh in 2001. The text is taken from Lions and Oxen Will Sleep in the Hay, a poem by Thomas H. Troeger paraphrasing Isaiah’s vision of universal peace and harmony. Rudolph was at work on the piece when the tragic events of September 11 unfolded. This gives an added poignancy to the music considering the appropriateness of the text, and The Dream Isaiah Saw is dedicated to those who lost their lives in that tragedy. Musically, the piece is constructed around a percussion ostinato that represents the presence of God. The choral parts gradually come into synchrony with the percussion, representing the realization of Isaiah’s vision.”


Fr. Ryan+

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