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March 22, 2011

Yesterday, March 21, 2011, three of our own parishioners officially became United States citizens!  David, Sarah, and Will Farnsworth were officially sworn in at a 10:00 am ceremony downtown along with 63 other persons representing 37 separate countries.  David, whose been in the United States and Havertown, PA since April 1996, and Sarah and Will who arrived in June 1996, were joined by their son Robbie who was born on U.S. soil and thus did not have to take the oath.  Two other parishioners, Janet and Pete, along with Fr. Ryan, were present as witnesses.

The ceremony included the Pledge of Allegiance, the Oath of Citizenship, a video message from President Barack Obama, a video presentation on the history of immigration in the United States, and an opportunity for the new citizens to register to vote.  Many of the new citizens were quite emotionally moved by the event and you just have to wonder what all of their stories are?

Later in the evening, the Farnsworths were joined by friends and family from St. George’ and elsewhere at a local restaurant/bar for a celebratory Happy Hour (which, in grand St. George’s fashion, lasted well after Happy Hour).

Congratulations to our newest United States Citizens!

Fr. Ryan+

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