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Behind the Scenes on the Altar

October 4, 2012

by: Pleasants Tinkler
Church Needlewoman

Recently I returned from a very inspirational week in Virginia and would like to share this experience with my fellow St. Georgians. As some of you may already know, I have been working on improving my ecclesiastical embroidery skills for many years. My journey with the National Altar Guild began years ago when we were living in the Los Angeles area. The Diocese ran a very comprehensive center for this ministry at the Diocesan headquarters.   I have continued this process at many locations, including Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina and Episcopal Convent St. John Baptist in New Jersey.

About a year ago I made a commitment to embroider an altar frontal for the St. George’s Chapel (you may have noticed that the green frontal is very shabby and quite beyond repair).   Last week I went to Virginia for a refresher course with one of the National Altar Guild teachers along with four other needlewomen from other places.

While learning new techniques, practicing stitches, studying church symbolism and books with beautiful examples; we all enjoyed many hours of eating, laughing, and sharing faith/church/stitching experiences. I learned so much more than just church needlework. My fellow stitchers were from very different parishes and shared some of their mission work and outreach ideas. We all shared a faith approach to our needlework and found inspiration in many different ways. We looked at photos of each others’ work and admired one anothers’ beautiful creations.

I have returned both encouraged and supported by the time spent with these talented and spiritually faithful friends. Now I am ready and excited about making the green altar frontal. Thank you, Father Ryan and Vestry members for being patient with me. I will keep you posted on my progress.

~~~Needling along, Pleasants Tinkler

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